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Are you feeling conscious about your smile? A lot of people feel awkward because of persistent dental issues. They turn their smiles into scowls or hide their faces when they laugh. That’s too bad because happiness should never be suppressed. It should be celebrated and shared with the world to make life a little better. If you have a nagging problem with your teeth, then perhaps it is time to get the help of the experts. Consider going to a dentist and having it checked. Perhaps a dental clinic in Stirling can fix the issue so that you can go back to the normal you.

A Wide Range of ServicesA Wide Range of Services

Several things can go wrong when it comes to dental health. Fortunately, there are also plenty of ways in which these can be made right again. Solutions range from the temporary to the permanent. Some may be quick and easy to do while others can take time, effort, and money. It is best to consult a dentist in Stirling about your particular situation so that you can learn about your options and decide according to your means. Be candid about your goals, your fears, and your budget. There will always be an alternative that will fit your personal condition.

1. Teeth Whitening clinic in Stirling

Among the most popular services offered is teeth whitening. This is great for people who have developed discolored teeth due to poor dietary habits, prolonged smoking, bad hygiene, and so on. The type of whitening treatment that will be used will depend on the severity of the problem. Some can be cured through take-home kits that contain special toothpastes or similar compounds. Others are so severe that they require laser treatment with multiple sessions. After the visit to the dentist Stirling locals may also try to change their diet or lifestyle to prevent further problems and keep the teeth white.

2. Extraction

Teeth may have to be extracted for a number of reasons including overcrowding, decay, accidents, periodontal disease, and so on. This is a painful but necessary step towards better dental health and aesthetics. In the hands of a good dentist, the process will be easier to go through. Our experienced Dentists in Stirling have the ability to make patients stay calm and have confidence that they can undergo the extraction without any problems. Ask around for dentists Stirling locals trust for such a procedure or enquire at

3. Filling

If the decay is small enough, then perhaps extraction can be avoided. Patients may instead opt to get dental fillings to seal the damaged area and prevent things from getting worse. The dentists at our Stirling Dental clinic will have to remove parts of the affected teeth using various tools but the pain should be minimal. Different types of fillings are available so discuss these options prior to the procedure. Some materials are similar to the teeth’s natural color so they can be virtually invisible by hiding in plain sight. No one else will notice unless you tell them about it.

4. Crowns

Another alternative is to install crowns on top of damaged teeth. This is particularly suitable for situations where the sides have decayed. The dentist will strip down the affected tooth of any damage until it is much smaller on all sides than it previously was. This reduced tooth will then be covered by a porcelain crown that resembles the original. It will be of the same color as the rest of the teeth so that it can blend in flawlessly. The crowns are durable and should last for many years. They will look and feel like the real thing. Speak to our experienced team of Dentists at our renowned Stirling Dental Clinic to assess if this option is the right treatment for you.

5. Bridge

Dental bridges are meant to replace teeth that are missing along the gums. A lot of people have gaps due to extraction, trauma or decay. The absence of teeth can change the shape of the face in negative ways. They can also cause problems if not addressed such as sores, cracks, and deformation. Conventional bridges are made up of three units: two on each end clasping at existing teeth and one in the middle to cover the gap. Bridges may be permanent and thus there is no need to worry about them after the procedure is through. Speak to our Stirling dentists to further discuss if Dental Bridges are the most appropriate treatment for your needs.

6. Dental Implants in Stirling

On the other hand, dental implants are substitute teeth of a permanent nature that is very strong, durable, natural-looking. This is one of the best ways to fill gaps but it can take a lot of time and money. The process will require several visits to our Dental Clinic Stirling location as there are several stages involved.. The first will be to drill a hole in the jawbone and insert the base for the implant. From now on, this will act as the root of the new tooth. It will need to heal up for a few weeks before the crown can be placed on top of it.

7. Alignment

Another highly sought service is the alignment of teeth, especially those that are most visible at the front. Excessive growth from the back can push teeth forward and make them jostle for space. This may move some of them in different directions which is not pleasant to see. This can also affect speech and face shape. Those who would like to re-align theirs in a straight line may get braces or similar dental appliances installed. These will work by gently realigning multiple teeth to their right places over several months. Those who feel conscious about such devices can opt for less visible alternatives. Speak to our highly trained Stirling Dentists at our trusted clinic to help you determine the best course of action for you.

Dental Clinic Stirling

Our dental clinic in Stirling offers a wide variety of services for individuals who are dealing with physical pain, aesthetic concerns, and medical complications because of teeth problems. We have a full professional team that is ready to serve patients every day. Whatever the goal may be, options will be discussed so that every person can make informed decisions. Go ahead and contact us to schedule an appointment whenever you are free. Let our experts look into the case. They will extend professional assistance for the best possible results. Call today!

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