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Only a few people are born with the perfect set of teeth and with a charming smile. It may only be when you are a few years old that your parents realize that your teeth are misaligned. The immediate solution to that problem is a pair of braces. But, what about the grownups who want to improve their smile and facial appearance? There are braces available for them too. Our Perth Cosmetic brace clinic has some of the most experienced orthodontists in Perth, and they will guide you to wear an appropriate set of braces that will improve your smile and appearance.

Types of Braces

Types of BracesIf you require cosmetic braces in Perth, we provide almost every type of braces that exist now. Depending on the problem you are facing with your teeth, our orthodontist will recommend the best braces that suit your mouth and face. All our braces are made from high-quality materials so that you don’t experience any discomfort.

• Traditional Braces

The traditional cosmetic braces Perth that we have are way different from the ones you may have seen decades ago. These are lightweight, and their structure is much better. Our clinic only provides braces made from high-quality stainless steel with metal brackets attached to every tooth with a unique cement. Not all the available cosmetic braces in Perth have the quality that we offer. The brackets holding the braces together are attached using a thin archwire. This allows your teeth to slowly move into the position so that it aligns with the entire set. Our orthodontist will inspect the condition of the ligatures connecting the archwires from time to time. If they are damaged due to regular wear and hear, he/she will change it. Some patients require braces with brackets that don’t need ligatures. We also have that type of braces. These are known as self-ligating braces.

• Damon Braces

Orthodontists love Damon braces. It is also highly beneficial for the patient too because the treatment is gentler, and you will not have to visit the dental clinic often. Our Damon braces come with a slide mechanism, and they are self-ligating. We have replaced the traditional elastic connecting the archwires with the slider to make it easier for the users to open and wear the braces whenever they want. Most importantly, these braces deliver faster results. The orthodontist will not have to adjust the teeth alignment anymore. Once you put these braces on, it will move your teeth automatically to the correct position. This doesn’t pressurize the teeth and nor does it cause significant friction. That is why the movement of the teeth is less painful. Damon braces are easy to clean, and since you don’t have to go to the clinic now and then, it will also save a lot of money. Come and see our specialists to see if these cosmetic braces are suitable for you.

• Ceramic Braces

Ceramic braces are almost similar to traditional braces. However, instead of metal brackets, we use high-quality transparent ceramic material. Our cosmetic braces Perth specialists will measure the size of your teeth carefully. Accordingly, they will recommend the size of braces you need. Our ceramic braces will be less visible while you speak or smile. This is one of the reasons why both adults and children prefer ceramic braces. However, the elastics holding on the ceramic brackets get discolored after a few months. We advise you to change the elastics if you notice them becoming yellowish. Contact us, and we will make sure one of the orthodontists replace the old elastic on your cosmetic braces with a new one.

• Clear And Removable Aligners

Clear and removable aligners are also known as invisalign. Those who don’t like Damon or metal braces can go for clean and removable aligners. These Perth cosmetic braces are made using clear plastic aligners that look like mouth guards. The orthodontist in charge of treating your teeth will note down the measurement and your teeth structure. Accordingly, we will make a customized aligner. You can remove them while eating or cleaning your mouth. However, you need to replace these aligners every two weeks. The new aligner will take a step further to adjust your teeth. So, it will be slightly smaller. Patients who feel they should continue their orthodontic treatment to ensure a charming smile can use aligners. These will maintain your teeth and provide the desired results until your teeth alignment improves.

• Palatal expanders

Patients with overcrowded teeth have two solutions: palatal expansion and tooth extraction. Tooth extraction can be very painful if not done correctly. Instead, we recommend wearing palatal expanders. This device will fit on your palate and apply the required pressure on your molars so that they push your teeth apart. Slowly, but steadily, it will expand the palate, allowing other cosmetic braces to fit correctly.

Why Do You Need Cosmetic Braces?

Oral health is crucial if you want to maintain that beautiful smile for years. And, tending to misaligned teeth is a part of maintaining your oral hygiene. Our cosmetic braces Perth will keep your teeth healthy. They will close down the gap between your teeth or maybe open a few depending on the problem you are facing.

• Flossing your teeth every other day will keep your teeth healthier. The cosmetic braces Perth ensure you don’t face any trouble while brushing or flossing in the future.
• Gingivitis is a common teeth problem that thousands of people face when they don’t floss their teeth from time to time. One of the contributing reasons is not wearing braces when required. Once you contact us, we will take full care of your teeth so that you don’t have this disease in your life. Our Perth cosmetic braces specialists will advise you in detail about how to use the braces, proper ways to floss, and when to come back and change the ligatures.
• Braces may not make you look beautiful immediately, but once you are through with the course you will have a beautiful smile..

So, the next time you think of cosmetic braces in Perth, think of We assure you that our competitive pricing and quality of the braces will not let you down.

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