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If you are in need of a dental implant look no further than our advanced Dental Implant Clinic. Our experts are well trained in all the latest innovations and advancements in Dental Implant technology. We provide:

• 3D Guided x-ray for effortless dental implant

• Simplified process. A

• Affordable cost

• Fill in the missing tooth with implants

Computer-Aided Dental Implant in Perth

Dental Implants PerthMissing, cracked, misshapen or misaligned teeth will all lead to a crooked smile, and can become a major source of embarrassment and anxiety. It is now possible to get a dental implant in a better than before. With 3 Dimensional X-Ray imaging technology, it has become straightforward for the dental surgeons to plan, implement, and complete all treatments with precision. We, are a Perth based clinic offering dental implants procedures performed by exceptional talented professionals.

Using #D guided technology, implants are precisely placed at the site of the missing tooth. Through a process called osseointegration, bone from the jaw starts to grow around and become incorporated into the implant. The implant then becomes stabilised, and in time, once thios process has been completed, a crown can then be placed over the veneer.

All About Replacing the Missing Tooth

In the past dentures have been used to replace missing teeth, but have the disadvantage that it is an impermanent methods to replace a tooth? Depending on the location of the tooth, and various other factors, the dental surgeons may opt for dental implants.

In case you have tried using the prosthetics and found the need to replace it now and then, it is time you seek something more lasting. What better than the dental implants from Dental Implant?

Single Tooth Replacement: Whether your tooth’s crown requires replacement or whether the entire tooth needs replacement, we, offer the services to you at affordable rates.

Two or Three in a Row Replacement: If two or more tooth in a row needs replacement, then it is possible to do that. Our skilled dentists will examine and offer the right suggestion to you sparing you the pain of wearing dentures.

Entire Lower or Upper Tooth Replacement: Dentures or impermanent tooth replacement has been the solution for many years. However, now with an advanced method where the recovery is fast, dental implants have superceded previous methods, and offers a far more permanent solution.

3D Guided Dental Implants

Our specialized system of using the 3D technology to map the tooth and the anchoring of the new tooth has been helping many. Our in-house dental surgeons find it exceedingly beneficial as it allows more precision and accuracy in the placement of implants. Furthermore, through the use of 3D guided imaging, we can perform surgeries with minimum incision and hence in a far more painless way. The result is a perfect dental implant and faster recovery time. The recovery phase is also the time when the bone grows around the new tooth thereby making it normal for you to function.

Reasonable and Effective Payment Options

These tooth implants will have lasting effects and along with that, it is also affordable.

Option 1: You can choose to use our ZERO-Interest Payment plan too. With this, you will be able to payback all fees incurred in as little as $250 per month. Our finance plans have made dental solutions within reach of everyone in Perth today. However, if you wish to pay without any payment plan, then you are free to do so as well.

Option 2: The cost of the surgery and the implant of the crown are very reasonable too. If your medical insurance covers it, call us or contact our help desk right before the surgery. Many insurance companies may have their own clauses regarding the paying for the bills. So, please find out from your insurance companies too if your policy covers the orthodontist’s fees and surgery costs.

Consult Our Specialists and Know More About Dental Implants NOW!

We have some of the most illustrious dental experts on board. They will be checking your teeth and will recommend you the most suitable method for you depending on your dental condition. Our advanced scientific tools and methodology has the capacity to treat patients and give them back their smile.

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