Qualities To Look For In A Good Orthodontist In Duncraig

Our clinic has the best orthodontist or dentists in Duncraig as they are extremely well trained, but also have compassion, understanding and exceptional interpersonal skills. Of course, all dentists are required to complete orthodontic residency and must be licensed to practice, but this doesn’t mean that they are all the best in what they do. What you need when looking for a dental clinic Duncraig is to find a doctor with the right credentials and also one you can afford. Apart from this, also ensure that they have some or all the attributes that we are going to discuss to ensure that you leave their clinics smiling broadly. Here are some of those attributes:

Attention to detail

Attention to detailYour mouth is very important. Apart from speaking and eating, it also has aesthetic importance. A good orthodontist has this in mind and covers each detail in your treatment plan. The health, visual, and functional details all work together to give you a confident smile.

Being attentive to detail, means that the dentist takes into consideration all these aspects of your smile, in the development of your treatment plan. These details are:

– Aligning your teeth, for a perfect aesthetic result

– Whiten your teeth, if they are significantly discoloured

– Proper occlusion for speaking articulation and chewing comfort

– Straighten teeth for ease of eliminating plaque, flossing, and brushing


Compassion is important especially in healthcare. A dentist who is compassionate is also good in listening and dispensing useful advice. A dentist who takes time to understand your concerns and needs is able to do more than just treating what they can physically see, they are able to treat your whole case more holistically. Apart from medical treatment, they are also concerned about how you feel. A good orthodontist is personally involved in you and will craft a treatment plan focusing on your desire and vision. Our dentists and orthodontic specialists in Duncraig pride themselves on their ability to empathise with all our clients.

Committed to complete patient care

A good dentist is committed to complete patient care. In other words, he or she ensures that you are satisfied from the first time you visit the clinic, to when you receive the treatment, and after you are completely healed and proud of your smile. Their patient care package includes emotional, physical, and financial comfort.


Some of the dental procedures you might need require are complex and might take a lot of time. Let’s take teeth alignment for instance. This is a lengthy process and minor mishaps occur in some cases. A good orthodontist will be available for you as the patient whenever you encounter any issue. On top of that, they will be ready and willing to adjust their schedule to accommodate you regardless of the time especially if it is an emergency. Visit an orthodontics Duncraig where the doctor is willing to work with your schedule to try and accommodate your busy schedule wherever possible.

Passionate about learning

It is a requirement that all dentists and orthodontists go to dental school for four years and graduate with a bachelor’s degree after which they should they should take specialty orthodontic training for at least two years. Even this is the legal requirement, it is not enough to make a good orthodontist. Because this field is constantly making new innovations, a good dentist should have the passion to continue learning. All our dentists and orthodontic specialists at our Duncraig clinic have a passion for learning and remain well versed in all the new technological advancements in dentistry.

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