Benefits Of Seeing A Sedation Dentist in Perth

Dental procedures are often quite uncomfortable and painful and traditionally dentists use a range of analgesic and anaesthetic treatments to make patients as comfortable as possible in the chair. For basic dentistry or minor procedures such as fillings or crowns, local anaesthetic is used.

Local anaesthetic is injected into the site where the procedure will be performed to totally numb the area so that a dental patient feels nothing. This type of sedation lasts a few hours. However, in some cases, a dentist may recommend sedation.

Why would you need to see a Sedation Dentist In Perth?

Sedation dentistry basically relaxes the patient during a procedure and takes many different forms. Sedation can be delivered orally, via an injection or IV drip. There are a variety of different types of sedation provided by your sedation dentist in Perth, each that provides a different level or depth of sedation.

Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas)Different Types Of Sedation Dentistry

1. Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas)

Traditionally, laughing gas or nitrous oxide gas was used to sedate patients or even put them to sleep during dental procedures. However, few dentists offer this form of sedation any longer as there are some risks associated with this type of anaesthesia and it is not as effective as other types of sedation that have become available. Most sedation dentists in Perth prefer to treat patients with local anaesthetic rather than using nitrous oxide as an option.

2. Twilight Sedation

Twilight sedation, also called conscious sedation or IV sedation, has grown in popularity for both sedation dentperth and patients in the past few decades. The reason for this is that a patient remains conscious during the procedure but will have no memory of what occurred during the procedure and feel no pain as the mouth will be numbed with local anaesthetic before the procedure is performed. This allows the patient to follow instructions from the dentist while remaining fully sedated. This type of anaesthesia must be administered by a qualified anaesthetist who will monitor the patient throughout the procedure. While there are some risks associated with this type of sedation, these risk are always weighed relative to the benefit of the sedation for the patient.

3. General Anaesthesia

General anaesthetic may also be used in extreme cases in dentistry. This is normally where multiple or complex procedures need to be performed. However, general anaesthesia carries the greatest risk for patients and is therefore often a last resort. General anaesthesia must be administered by a qualified anaesthetist and may involve different forms of sedation and anaesthesia including oral, gas, injections and IV drip. This type of anaesthesia results in entire unconsciousness for the patient who will feel nothing and remember nothing after the dental procedure has been performed by the sedation dentist in Perth.

What Are The Benefits Of A Sedation Dentist In Perth?

Sedation dentists offer a range of benefits for their patients.

1. Reduced Discomfort

The most obvious benefit of a sedation dentist, Perth, is to reduce the pain and discomfort that is often associated with dental procedures. Whether due to sensitive teeth and gums or exposed pulp and roots, a patient’s comfort is a priority. Although some sedation techniques do not actually provide pain relief, their calming effect along with the use of a local anaesthetic can make a dental procedure go much faster with minimal discomfort.

2. Stress And Anxiety

For many people, a visit to the dentist can result in increased stress and anxiety. This is mainly due to the pain that they expect to undergo while receiving the most basic dental treatments to more involved procedures. Sedation will not only relieve this stress and anxiety but will also result in patients who are no longer afraid of future dental procedures. Visiting the dentist regularly and receiving treatments or undergoing procedures when they are necessary is essential to good dental health and preventing serious dental conditions developing in the future. It is also much easier for the dentist to treat a patient who is calm and relaxed rather than stressed and anxious. In all of these instances, the services of a good sedation dentist in Perth is invaluable.

3. Dentophobia

Also called odontophobia, this an extreme fear of the dentist and is much more common than most people would believe. The fear is very counterproductive and results in a person avoiding the dentist often resulting in serious dental health problems developing or existing issues becoming much worse. For those suffering from dentophobia, a sedation dentist in Perth is often the only option. In most cases, multiple treatments or procedures will be necessary when a dentophobic finally visits the dentist. The recommended sedation for those with a fear of the dentist is Twilight or IV sedation. Depending on the extent of the damage to the teeth from a lack of required treatment by a dentist, general anaesthesia may be recommended.

4. Multiple Procedures

Commonly dentists will schedule multiple procedures to be performed over a period of weeks or months. This is mainly due to the level of discomfort that would be caused if every procedure was performed at once. Multiple procedures can rarely be performed in one dental visit. However, sedation dentistry provides the sedation dentist Perth with the opportunity to perform multiple treatments and/or procedures in the same appointment. This reduces the need for a patient to visit the dentist multiple times and undergo the stress and discomfort at each dental appointment.

5. Ease Of Treatment

A patient that is stressed and anxious can be very difficult to treat as can a patient who is sensitive to pain and discomfort. This can make even the simplest dental procedures complicated and difficult for the dentist to perform. Ensuring that a patient is relaxed and peaceful will allow the sedation dentist in Perth to complete procedures must faster thereby reducing pain, discomfort and anxiety.

6. Emergency Dentist Perth

Emergency dentistry is normally necessary due to an injury to the teeth or a dental condition that has resulted in extreme pain. Either way, it is the extreme pain that the patient is suffering that forces them to seek relief from a dentist urgently. An emergency dentist in Perth provides the ideal solution to relieve the pain quickly and to enable them to perform emergency dental procedures. It is however important to keep in mind that emergency dentistry will not always provide a permanent solution but rather a quick fix until such time that another appointment can be made to assess the appropriate procedure or treatment.

7. Protecting Your Health

Poor oral hygiene can result in a variety of dental health problems such as tooth decay, gum disease, gingivitis, infection or tooth abscesses and many more. However, it can be just as detrimental to your general health. Poor oral hygiene has been linked to heart disease, ear infections, diabetes and even dementia. Visiting your dentist at least once a year can protect your dental and general health. Sedation dentist in Perth allows patients to visit the dentist as often as necessary to ensure optimal oral health.

Is Sedation Dentistry Suitable For Children?

Children are particularly sensitive when it comes to dental procedures. In most cases, sedation will be recommended for a child for any treatment that could be potentially painful or cause them discomfort. Twilight sedation and general anaesthesia are both suitable for children but will only be recommended in extreme cases where no other solution is available. Sedation is also advisable to prevent a child with dental or oral health problems from developing a fear of the dentist in the future.

A sedation dentist in Perth will assess each individual case in order to determine whether the benefits of sedation outweigh the risks involved. This is especially important where twilight sedation or general anaesthesia are recommended where the risks are higher than using local anaesthetic or analgesia. This applies to both adults and children.

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