Teeth Whitening Dental Services In Stirling

Smiling can be a bit awkward if you have dental issues that you’d rather hide. You may have tried a number of things to keep people from seeing your embarrassing smile. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could solve the problems and feel free to flash your teeth with confidence? You can do just that by going to a cosmetic dentist in Stirling. Have a consultation and figure out the option for you to take. For example, those who have discoloured teeth can get whitening treatments. These can work wonders even for those who have been dealing with this situation for a long time.

Causes of Discoloration

Causes of DiscolorationSeveral things can cause the teeth to develop a different colour. It could be a stain from food or drinks consumed one time or ever the course of several years. Examples include coffee, red wine, tea, and other coloured drinks. It could also be caused by smoking tobacco as a prolonged habit. Some get dark teeth after chewing betel which is a cultural norm in certain places. Dental plaque can be stained by bacteria and eventually calcify around the gumline. There are also cases wherein exposure to metallic compounds found in the environment, or medication, have the same effect. Tooth decay, antibiotics, fluorosis, and metabolic disorders may trigger this as well. Fortunately, there are a number of treatment options available at our teeth whitening Stirling Dental clinic..

At-home Treatments

Our Stirling Cosmetic Dentists can recommend an appropriate treatment plan based on the cause and severity of the problem. Mild discoloration may be fixed with at-home treatments. These could include special whitening toothpastes, rinses, gels, chewing gums, strips, and films. These are easy to use and can produce visible results within a week or so. A lot of these products can be bought over the counter so people have quick access and plenty of options. Natural methods exist as well including the use of apple juice and activated charcoal. However, their long-term efficacy is often questioned.

In-office Treatments

If you would like guaranteed results, then you should consider in-office treatments such as chemical or light-accelerated bleaching. The effect can last for months and the difference can be several shades. During the consultation, the dentist will check the status of the teeth to determine if these approaches are suitable. One session may be enough to produce the desired effect. Patients will only have to return after several months if they would like to maintain the appearance. This is a good option if people want instant results. At-home treatments tend to take a while before you see any changes. For the most appropriate teeth whitening options in Stirling, speak to any of our highly experienced and professional team.


Teeth whitening Stirling Cosmetic Dentist specialists will set expectations from the outset so that patients know the possibilities and the limitations. They will ensure that the treatment plan is suitable to the individual given the medical history, needs, expectations, and budget. Teeth whitening is a relatively low risk and safe procedure that does not require the need for a sedation dentist in Stirling. Sometimes whitening can be discouraged if the patient has sensitive teeth or gums. Caution will be necessary for pregnant women and small children. Those who have sensitive teeth may find their condition getting heightened, though this should return to normal if the bleaching stops. Look for a good sedation dentist in Stirling if you would like pain-free treatments. Call www.dentalimplantinperth.com.au today!

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