Discover Important Facts About Perth Dental Implants

When someone loses some or all of their teeth then they have only a couple of options. One option is to wear dentures or bridges. Another option would be to have dental implants. When surveyed, most people seem to prefer the idea of having implants over dentures or bridges. They say that it gives them added confidence and they don’t have the concerns of the denture slipping and other issues commonly associated with them. Here we’ll take a look at some important facts about Perth dental implants.

What Is The Procedure For Having a Perth Dental Implant

It can be frustrating and even emotionally and physically painful to have missing teeth or teeth that are broken. Issues related to dentures can add to the overall frustration. A good dentist will do their best to save a tooth but it simply isn’t always possible.

Advancements in dentistry have allowed for dental implants in Perth, which are the preferred choice by many. An oral surgeon can surgically fix the implant to the bone in your jaw. Whereas dentures can break or easily move and slip, these issues are not a problem with an implant. There are a couple of choices someone can make when considering implants and it is best to speak to your dental implant Perth specialist.

They could have an individual tooth or multiple teeth replaced with implants. Another option for those who have had their entire upper teeth or lower teeth removed might consider something called and all-on-4 option. This can be a great choice, especially if you’re looking to reduce the overall cost of the procedure.

What Precisely Are Perth Dental Implants?

Perth Dental Implants

An implant is an artificial replacement tooth. It could be considered a prosthetic. It has a metal root that is implanted into the jaw and the bone and is designed to be permanent. It will look identical to a natural tooth and after a short period of adjustment, it will feel exactly like a normal tooth.

The implant is like a screw that’s made out of titanium and the oral surgeon will drill a place for it in the jawbone and then they will fuse the implant and the jawbone together. This process makes the implant very strong. After the implant has had the time to heal and is fully fused to the bone then a metal post is added to it and inserted inside the implant. The post will be partly in the implant and it will protrude slightly out of the gum line.

An artificial tooth is then attached to the post where it protrudes through the gum line. In most cases, the process will require several visits that take place over a few months. The dental implant in Perth, itself has to have time to heal and to come together with the jawbone before any further work can be done.

Is There Only One Choice Of Perth Dental Implants

For Dental implants in Perth, there are two choices when it comes to getting implants. The one that has been around longest is a single implant. As it would suggest, it is one single tooth. This is the perfect choice when there is simply one or two teeth that have been damaged and removed. Having this type of implant can remove any evidence that a tooth was broken or removed.

If you have had several teeth removed, however, having them all replaced individually can be costly. That’s why some people will find it more cost-effective and reasonable to go with the second option which is called an all-on-four implant. This is where an entire section of teeth is set on 4 implanted posts. This type of implant is designed to hold 10 to 14 teeth. Those teeth are attached together using the 4 posts. Speak to our Dental implant Perth specialists to see which option is most suitable for you.

This system attaches the different crowns to the implant and then the remaining teeth are attached to it. Another name for this is a supported bridge. This option often provides all the benefits of individual implants but at a much lower cost when replacing multiple teeth.

Why Would Someone Need Or Want Perth Dental Implants?

Anyone who has one or more missing teeth could benefit from a dental implant in Perth. Your gums do need to be reasonably healthy. If they aren’t then the dentist or dental surgeon will talk to you about how to bring the gums up to a condition that is suitable to receive the implant. If the gums are already in good enough condition then the procedure can be done and if not, then the procedure will have to be delayed until the gums are healthier.

It is not always suitable for teenagers and children. Boys will usually take until they’re 18 years old before their facial structure is complete. The average girl takes until she’s 16 years old to have her facial structure complete. If that has not taken place then it wouldn’t be appropriate to do the implants until it has. Even so, those that are young adults or elderly and all those in between are great candidates for dental implants in Perth.

Because implants will stay fixed in the mouth and don’t move around or come out, they are by far the preferred choice over a denture or bridge. They will look and function just like a real tooth and you will care for them in much the same way as well. The crown can be replaced if it ever wears out or breaks. For that reason, a Perth dental implant is considered a permanent solution.

How Much Do Perth Dental Implants Cost?

The good news is that dental implants in Perth have seen a decrease in their overall cost in the last several years because of technological advances. The prices have also fallen because more people are having implants put in their mouth. Even so, they still can be expensive.

In Australia, a single implant can run a few thousand dollars. If there is any type of complication it could raise that cost even more. An example of a problem would be when it’s necessary to do a sinus lift or bone graft.

Those who choose to go with an All-On-Four would be looking at at least $15,000. For some, it could be as high as $30,000. Even though the cost is high, most would agree that it is well worth it over the long run. They will usually last longer than bridges and dentures and they’re more durable.

Are Dental Implants Perth Covered By Health Insurance?

Coverage through health insurance will be dependent on your particular policy and whether or not you are being admitted to the hospital. Most health insurance policies if they do cover dental implants will only do so when it is necessary to be admitted to the hospital. Otherwise, coverage is typically found in some dental plans. It will be necessary to check your dental plan to see what it covers and what it doesn’t. Different policies cover different options and you’ll only know if yours cover the procedure by checking your policy and speaking to your dental implant Perth specialist.

Advantages With Having Perth Dental implants

There are several advantages to choosing to having a dental implant in Perth over bridges and dentures. One of the major factors is the fact that it can significantly enhance your appearance. In some cases, it may even reduce headaches that can be caused by dentures that don’t fit correctly. Most people agree that implants are more comfortable.

Because the implants won’t move around in your mouth or come out when eating it will usually mean eating is easier. It can also mean that you will eat healthier because you don’t have a problem eating an apple or some corn on the cob. With a denture, it can be a problem to eat those types of food. The denture can move around and if you’re with others it can be obvious that you’re wearing a denture and that can be embarrassing. It’s also possible to get food particles underneath the denture which is painful.

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